Don't Be Ashamed of Your Story

Don't be ashamed to share your story, because many times the things that we go through are not just for us.  We are here to help others and bring others to Christ.  It is because of you that someone else will have the courage to hang in there to see what the end is going to be. 

One of my favorite songs is by Mary Mary "The GOD in Me." This song's lyrics go like this.... It's the GOD in me....You think I'm so fresh, you think I'm so Clean, You think I'm so sweet! If you have not heard this song I would recommend you google it and take a listen! 

When you open up and you are real with yourself this is when the healing begins.  You CANNOT be of service to anyone else until you first take care of yourself! Let me repeat this ladies "You cannot take care of anyone else until you first take care of YOURSELF!"